Bahamas Relief Efforts Donation Items

By: Isaac Hutchinson



Overall Hurricane Dorian didn’t hit Miami but it devastated the Bahamas. Dorian has wreaked havoc in the Bahamas and we're only now starting to get a sense of the extent of the destruction left in its wake. Hurricane Dorian has left the Bahamas devasted, with residents reporting widespread damage -- homes ripped apart, water covering everything in its path. Relief organizations are scrambling to help and we're just beginning to understand how bad the damage is. In the days after Dorian affected The Bahamas, officials surveyed the damage by air. Residents in the Abacos and Grand Bahama suffered from water shortages, power outages and a lack of telecommunications; these conditions created difficulty in handling the logistics of the disaster. After the storm, at least 2,000 people stayed in government shelters. Hundreds of people left Abacos by boat in the days after the storms. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force and the Royal Bahamas Police Force were deployed to Grand Bahama and Abaco via boat. If you would like to help The Bahamas, see Ms. Mac in the main office.