Top Hit Movie of Summer 2019!

By: Matthew J. Palomino



Hey you - yes you!! Have you ever wondered what the top hit movie of this 2019 summer was? Well there have been a lot of films that have come out such as Avenger's Endgame, The Lion King (2019), and Spiderman Far From Home -  but which has made the most money during its release?  And, who has reached the top box office? There have been a lot of classics that has been remastered or movies that have continued the cliffhanger that everyone has been waiting for..  Or a new genre of historical figures to live the tale again. All these movies have been seen by everyone around the world but there can only be one top move to make it to the top rank. The movie which made the most during our summer and that made number 1 in the box offices is The Lion King (2019)! Lion King made a total of $534,624,592. But upon opening it made over $191,770,759 in all the theaters. Critics are saying “it’s a classic coming back and better than ever”.There will be more to come throughout the rest of this 2019 and there will be more to reach the top rank of the box office.