One Step Closer To Equality

By : Eugene Francois



On January 14, 2020, a historical moment occurred in the world of sports !! This event was the new “collective bargaining agreement” signed by the WNBA and the athletes they employ. A “collective bargaining agreement” is a labor agreement made between athletes and their employer that dictates benefits and pay and all sorts of other things as well. The CBA (“collective bargaining agreement”) signed by the WNBA players is the first of many things to come by for female athletes and is going to pave the way for many female sports organizations to follow behind.

Here are the new Benefits and changes done by the CBA:

  • 53 percent increase in all players salaries (now everyone makes six figures)

  • New and enhanced promotional rules

  • More money for coaches

  • More revenue sharing to that athletes 

  • More mental health benefits

  • Enhanced maternity leave and planning and care 

  • No more terrible traveling (better planes and seats and their own hotel room) 

These are the most significant changes that the female basketball players have ever had! This CBA puts female athletes one step closer to the same equality of their male counterparts. There will be more female sports organizations that will follow this CBA which will increase equality for women athletes around the country! This will definitely be something that will have a widespread  effect on the world of sports for women for years to come!