Current Events

By : Bryan A. Navarro



Hey Hi Tides, there’s always something happening around us all. But, do you know what’s happening around the world or the country we live in? It may get too repetitive to get into. With the Trump impeachment trail which started a week ago (still ongoing by the way), and politicians using jargon like quid pro quo how can one keep up? It may make someone loose track on reality. Should you even bother?


BUT! You Hi Tides, are going to be adults later in life and you are the only one who can change how the future shapes out. It’s a free country after all. You can choose whether you want to see or hear the news or not. Personally, I don’t like the thought of the future being out of my control. You can make a change in the world at an early age like participating in environmental strikes. Know that changing the world isn’t limited only to voting.


I’ve asked some peers of mine the following questions...

"What are your thoughts on current events being talked about in classes?""

"Are you up to date on what’s happening in the world?"


TO SUM IT UP: Their answers to the first question was mostly yeah, some said it would be boring others had said it should only take 15 mins of the beginning of classes discussing about the world's events. Now their answers to the second was mostly no’s and 1 maybe (how ironic). I think that teachers no matter what subject they teach should all at least inform students in classrooms what’s going on. But I would like to know some of your thoughts and ideas Hi Tides. Hi-Tides please send in your thoughts at