Trump Impeachment Moment

By : Bryan A. Navarro



Hey Hi Tides, have you ever thought of the Trump impeachment as a teachable moment? Well of course you don’t, you are a student at MBSH, although some of you Hi Tides do think so. The Trump impeachment is mostly talked about in history classrooms, although I think it should be talked about in every classroom.


“Many educators told us they're embracing the opportunity to bring concepts such as checks and balances to life.” Educators talk about the impeachment in a teaching manner as states. But how they teach it is where it’s important. The educators must teach this without getting too political.


Brendan (Beach Film News guy) and I went around the school and asked Mr. Virgin (An artist and art teacher at our school) and Dr. Rodriguez (our current MBSH principal) how they feel about current events being talked about in school and if teachers could talk about the impeachment without their political views.


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But what could teachers and students get anything of value out of this impeachment Besides learning checks and balances about life? How do some teachers and students feel about the impeachment? (Such a coincidence that Mr. Lagos and the article both stated about checks and balances about life.)


Then once again Beach Film News guy (Brendan) and I asked Mr. Carrenard (A math teacher at our school), Mr. Lagos (Also a math teacher), and random students the following questions that I previously wrote above.


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