Valentine's Day

By : Katia Camargo



Valentine’s Day is a tradition and was founded and celebrated for the first time in the 5th century. It has always been celebrated February 14th. Valentine’s Day may be branded to you as a “lovey dovey holiday” but is it really?. It was made to celebrate your loved ones but in reality Valentine’s Day has become more of a “money maker” holiday than that of a love holiday. Valentine's Day, in a consumer spending survey in 2004 gauged how Americans spend their money. Consumers said they spend an average of $161 which went up to 21% more last year's previous record of $193. On average, a total of $19.7 billion dollars is made on Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day couples will spend at least 77$ a person on flowers and 243$ on their dinner. In a survey couples together under 6 months are expected to drop nearly $700.  Meanwhile couples of more than 20 years say they spend less than $64. In reality Valentine's Day is just a capitalist scam, designed to make people currently in a relationship spend unnecessary money in a fruitless attempt to ensure undying love and devotion. The holiday has become less and less about love and the fact that buying your loved one things means that you actually love them.