Corona Virus

By : Bryan A. Navarro



There’s currently a virus outbreak upon us. Before we get into the virus itself, I would like to explain how the virus came to be. It all started in Wuhan, China. In Wuhan, there are markets that sell wild untreated animals kept in cages. One day, someone bought one of these untreated wild animals from one of these markets;  eventually getting the disease by eating the ill animal.


The Corona virus itself is just like the cold. The symptoms are coughing, runny nose, headaches, sore throat, fever and uneasiness. If you aren’t concerned yet, then I'll tell you it’s also spread by AIR.  So, protect yourselves by wearing masks when traveling.


The Corona virus can also cause MERS-COV and SERS-COV which have been known to frequently cause severe symptoms. MERS symptoms usually include fever, cough, and shortness of breath; often progressing to pneumonia. MERS-COV and SERS-COV both are extremely rare to get but very lethal. With the help of the Corona Virus, MERS-COV and SERS-COV are becoming more common for those infected with the virus.


With all of this said, China received a level four -  DO NOT TRAVEL warning. Hi Tides, be safe and be careful when traveling.