By : Matthew J. Palomino



Hey Hi-Tides have you seen the film, “1917”? If not, this film may spark your interest. If you want to experience what the first World War was like you must take the time to see it. This movie was filmed from April-June of 2019, taking place in the UK. The film was directed and produced by Sam Mendes and the cinematographer was  Rodger Dawkins. This film was based off the first world war between Germany and the US; the story being of how two British soldiers were sent out of their position to deliver a message to save the allies before it was too late.


Critics on rotten tomato gave the movie approving rate of 89% as they said that this is more than just a “one-shot" movie. The movie will make it seem that you will have a real-life experience with this film.


That’s all Hi-Tides go see the film yourself and let's see if they will win the Oscars.