Miami Highlights

By : Michael Elliot



How is it going Hi-Tides? Do you really know your city? Miami has a multitude of things when it comes to finding something to do. Whether it be shopping, going to the beach or spending the day out on the water.  There are no shortages for outdoor and indoor activities.


One great indoor activity could be visiting the FROST Museum in downtown Miami.The Frost Museum has a hands-on facility offering weather & technology exhibits and planetarium & wildlife centers.


If you're thinking about taking a day trip you can make your way down to the Everglades where you can take a airboat tour. Maybe you're parent’s don't want you driving all the way down to the Everglades but taking a drive down to Key Biscayne can be just as fun with awesome trails and beautiful beaches which make it a great escape from our big city.


If you're trying to spend your day out on the water,  paddle boarding can suit your needs. You may be thinking “well I don't own a paddle board so scratch that off the list” -  but here in Miami there are many paddle board rental companies. There are some requirement’s when it comes to renting paddle boards. If you and your friends are 18 you will have no problems getting out on the water but under the age of 18 you're gonna have to bring your legal parent/guardian along with you.


Maybe you don’t want  to hang out with your parents and you just got your pay check!  Taking a stop at the many malls Miami has to offer; can be a great way to kill some time on those rainy day’s.


So Hi-Tides hopefully these are some new idea’s for how to kill some spare time and enjoy the city you live in.