Valentine's Pizza

By : Jesse Schetchel



Hello Hi-Tides. What’s a better way to win a girl’s heart through her stomach? None...  The best way to win her/his heart is with Papa Johns new pizza; topped with heart-shaped pepperoni or just cheese. As we all know, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holiday’s in America.  Depending on whether you have a significant other, it can be one of your favorites or one of those days you wish would just end.  I happen to be in the former’s case and very happily attempted to make good ol’ St. Valentine’s day a special event. What better way to ring in a romantic evening than by getting a pizza in the shape of a heart?  That was the plan for Papa John’s as they rolled out their yearly classic thin crust heart shaped pizza pie. The pizza comes with different sauces to make the pizza even more delicious like the garlic sauce, the hot sauce or just nothing if you prefer just the plain. Now lets check out some reviews by, Fast Food Geek:

“Let’s start out by saying that the heart shaped pizza is certainly not a secret.  The local Father Jonathon’s was packed beyond belief and was sporting a 40-minute wait for takeout.  Walking into the establishment the three-man crew was getting pounded with orders and the owner wasn’t really handling the stress too well, screaming commands to the other employees with a dictatorship like flair.  After being handed my pie, I made a quick getaway before tensions boiled over and pepperoni tubes starting flying.”

Another review was about the dipping sauce by the same source:

 “After presenting the pizza as a surprise to my girlfriend, Kristy, it was time to open the lid on this bad boy.  The picture above represents what is characterized by some as a heart, but this one appeared to be lackluster at best.  Judging from the ad photo, the heart shape was never supposed to be too profound, but to me it just looked like someone cut out a chunk of the crust on top and called it a night.  Another thing that’s hard not to notice is the fact that the pizza isn’t cut into slices.  I’m sure there would be some oddly shaped slices and the “heart” shape would have been altered, but a do it yourself cut job is never warranted.”

So Hi-Tides get the pizza while it lasts.