Beachcomber Review

By : Amaya Flaherty-Lewis



The beachcomber newspaper is a newspaper made by our own students from Miami Beach Senior High school that gives a unique perspective on things that we face locally as well as globally. It’s written well, with very few typos, and good vocabulary. The topics within the school newspaper are interesting – more interesting than I thought – and cover things such as The Asian Entertainment Boom, Incels, how safe we are, and more.


It has a healthy balance of global and local issues. In one of the articles, “How safe are we?” by Carla Perez, it discusses the pros and cons of our school’s safety procedures. This is something very fitting for a school newspaper, as it concerns our own school’s safety. That’s a local issue that needs to be talked about. Whereas, in another article, “Incels” by Milena Malaver it talks about internet issues – which is more a global issue than a local issue. It doesn’t exclusively concern Miami Beach Senior High. In the article, it talks about an online group known as “incels” that comprises of people who are unable to engage in sexual and romantic relationships, the majority of which is filled with misogynistic and degrading language.


If I were to be nitpicky, sometimes the text overlaps with the images or sometimes you’re unable to see some words because of possible printing errors such as words overlapping other words. But these are very minor flaws, not something that’s too big of an issue. In conclusion, the school newspaper is a excellent reflection of the students at Beach High.