Money Making Holidays

By : Eugene Francois



As you all may know Valentine’s Day recently passed us by! I hope you all got something for your loved one or someone else 😉!  With all that in mind I hope you know that these major holidays are really huge money makers. Sounds crazy but it’s really true! Holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day generate so much money yearly in the USA that it’s absurd! Let me remind you that these holidays only occur one day per year and they are making the type of money businesses generate yearly. Here are the top 5 money making holidays in the USA. 


  • Number 5:Halloween 

Yes the day of monsters, great candy and fear. It’s  a huge money making day with about 6 to 7 billion on average spent. On what? Candy, costumes, decorations, apples, pumpkins… anything else? Something to scare you? Sounds to scare you? The witches needs their brooms. 


  • Number4: Easter

This holiday may shock you but it makes about 16.5 billion a year on average. Who would have guessed the Easter bunny pocketed all this money for his chocolate and sometimes other candy filled eggs. And what about the baskets and basket makers? 


  • Number3:Valentine’s Day 

As mentioned before this holiday  makes a lot of money. On average the holiday makes about 18.9 billion a year . Is this holiday worth that amount for your special someone?  Cupid must be a rich baby.


  • Number2: Mother’s Day 

This holiday at number 2 is no shock because mothers all over get spoiled on this day. It’s completely fine that 21.6 billion on average yearly is spent this day! You might be thinking, “What about Father’s Day?”, but they do not come close to the amount that this holiday. Poor Dads. 


  • Number1: CHRISTMAS 

This holiday is the largest money making Holiday ever ! On average every year it makes a whopping 603.7 billion. That's more money than amazon made in 2019 after a full year of business.  So keep in mind that this holiday makes more money than the biggest online merchant - Amazon. Wow.. that’s insane! So this means Santa is loaded so go ahead and tell him to get you whatever your heart desires!