Amsterdam Banning Cannabis for Tourists?

By : Katia Camargo



Amsterdam is the hub for night life, canals, beautiful houses,liberal coffee shops and Red Light Districts. But Amsterdam is now considering banning tourists from its famous cannabis coffee shops as the city tries to explore the new ways to balance the life of the locals and demands of tourist. In a survey partaken for potential tourists, Mayor Femke Halsema stated over half said they chose to visit because they wanted to experience a cannabis cafe. 57% of respondents said coffee shops are an important reason for why they came to Amsterdam. Meanwhile, 34% indicated they'd come to Amsterdam less often if they weren't able to visit coffee shops, and 11% said they wouldn't come at all. And only 1% say prostitution is the reason for their visit.The banning is considered to solve the problem of the overcrowding in the red-light district.Amsterdam has trouble coping with massive tourists crowds in its city centre, especially the red-light district where coffee shops are abundant!