Starbucks' Irish Cream Cold Brew

By : Jesse Schechtel



We all collectively lost our minds a few weeks back when Starbucks' holiday drinks finally came to fruition. But we also kind of had a feeling that something else would be coming down the line in Starbucks crazy ideas. I mean, it's the holidays! It's the time for magic! Well now we finally know that, yes, there is a new seasonal holiday drink at Starbucks this year and it's probably nothing like what you were expecting. Inspiration for a new Starbucks beverage can come from anywhere. A flavor, a feeling, a flicker of memory. For Erin Marinan, product developer for Starbucks R&D, it was a bit of all three. Tasked with concepting a new beverage for Starbucks, she drew from memories of making homemade Irish cream with her family, blending up creamy batches to add to coffee or give to loved ones as a gift. It sparked the idea for a beverage with classic Irish cream flavors perfect for a time of celebration and giving. This year's holiday drink is an Irish Cream Cold Brew. Yes! It's an iced drink, people! It's made up of Starbucks Cold Brew and Irish Cream syrup which is then topped with vanilla cream cold, delicious foam and a dash of cocoa powder on top. This isn't the first time Starbucks has had an iced holiday drink, as they previously presented out the Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew in 2016, but still, this one feels like a totally new thing and it also seems like a huge high-five round iced coffee drinker. Starting Dec. 3, customers at participating stores in the United States and Canada can enjoy Starbucks newest holiday beverage, Starbucks Irish Cream Cold Brew. Hi-tides let us know how good it is.