New Recap of Sports Week

By : Eugene Francois



What a crazy year start to the year for MBSH sports teams ! We had two teams make the playoffs but ultimately couldn’t come out with a win! Those teams being the basketball team and the soccer team. Hats off to them and let’s hope they can build off this loss they took and get better. Let’s take a look at the team’s currently in season! 


Girls Softball: This team is coached by Mr.Valdes (yes the security guard!). Their record as of right now is 1-4 and their last game was a demoralizing one. Their last game resulted in a 22-1 loss to Lourdes Academy. Their next game will be on the fifth of March against homestead. Let’s wish our lady Hi-Tides good luck!  🍀  


Girls Track Team: Coached by Mr.Dale Sims 

Their last track meet was against Norland High School! Here are the results from the meet placed by events 


Girls Won 4 x 800 1st place

Eleonara Massa

Myriam Hernandez

7th 800 /Pilar

Marotta 5th

Antonella Craven

800 4th

Mile Samantha

Araya 5th

Yasmin Onsipahioglu

Giulerra  Barchine, 

4x400 B TeamR 5th 

Antonella Cravens, Ashley Rigby, James’s Charles, Devyn Mesa

4x100 (4th) Ashley ,Sofia karpawich  ,Gabrielle castelleon, Yasmin Onsipahioglu 

 Boy do we have a fast team and under the coaching of Mr.Sims we can go against anyone! Let’s wish our fast lady Hi tides some luck for their next meet🍀


Boys Wrestling team: coach by the arguably best coach Mr Fred Robby ! The boy wrestling team is one of the best and and no explanation is need just know they are great 


Boys volleyball team: this team season started of on a great start with a win against Hebrew Academy . The result of that game was 3 to 0 and their next game will be on the 5 of March against Slam 


That’s all for now folks! Our hi tide athletes are ok all over this school and when you see them wish them good luck 🍀  ROLL TIDE !