Black Friday Fights

By : Kevin Henriquez



Hey Hi-Tides, hoping everyone had a good thanksgiving break. This past Black Friday showed a second record breaking spending of $7.2 million online sales. With many people eager for getting gifts for families and friends and going for discounted items, there were outbreaks! A fight outside Forever 21 at the Lehigh Valley Mall in Pennsylvania occurred when two men were fist fighting and then another guy jumped in and was throwing punches at them. A video went viral all-over social media on Facebook, YouTube, and many news stations. Eventually, the fight was broken up by two securities. Another fight happened at Walmart located in Murrieta, California. The fight occurred for a very dumb reason. “All for wrapping paper” said a bystander that watched the entire fight. The fight took place due to an elderly woman bumping into one of the men which then lead him to say a comment which lead another male to go up to him and then a brawl began! It was soon broken up by security, leaving one of the men with a broken nose. No charges were made as neither asked to make any. The video also went viral quick. Black Friday is the best time for shopping with many discounts but somewhat isn’t worth it. It can be very dangerous. A lot of traffic everywhere and it's not worth risking your own life for items that can be bought later in the future. It’s also better staying home because the week after is Cyber Monday. Staying home, relaxing, and ordering cheap items. Nothing sounds better than that, rather than getting pushed and tossed around by a crowd of people. Looking back, Black Friday had a death count and injuries; with seven people who died and 98 injuries. This is just a clear sign to stay home and just vibe.