Climate Strike

By : Katia Camargo



On December 6 students of Miami beach Senior High and the youth protesters of Miami made history by striking a protest in Downtown. In a 17 minute walk students chanted their wants for the government to change and make solutions to help preserve the environment. Especially living in Miami and Miami Beach sea level rise is an impending concern. Miami Beach is predicted to be 30% underwater by 2045. In the previous protest the youth of Miami achieved in getting the city of Miami Beach to reach out and declare a state of emergency for the city. The institute responsible for these many protests is the Cleo Institute. CLEO was founded in 2010 by Caroline Lewis, a science teacher who I had the honor to meet at the strike who saw a need in the community to help people understand the science, and the urgency for climate action, while championing solutions for a resilient future. Today, CLEO, headquartered in Miami, Florida, is a grassroots organization who works with front-line communities to build climate literacy and resilience. The CLEO Institute is the #1 nonprofit organization for climate science education. Hi Tides, get involved. This is your future!