Why Expensive Clothing?

Image from hypebeast.com

By : Kevin Henriquez



Hey Hi-Tides, hoping everyone is having a great time in the New Year 2020. Over the years, fashion has changed. Many people may stick to the so called “ordinary clothes” from stores such as Old Navy, Macy’s, and etc.... Then, there are popular hype brands such as Supreme, Bathing Ape, Off White, and etc.... They have so much hype, that the clothing is worth triple the amount of money rather than clothes you may see at Walmart, Macy’s and Old Navy.

Today in our generation, many people are crazy for these clothes as these brands may release limited apparel, crazy designs, and in general it’s all just for the hype. For example, Supreme releases hoodies with just their brand name on it with many different varieties of colors like black, white, blue, red, and other colors. These hoodies have a short name called “Bogo”. Most of their hoodies go from the price range of $500-$1000. It's truly not worth the hype paying that much just for an ordinary hoodie you can get at Macy’s for the price of $20 or even lower. These “hype” brands also release shoes that SKYROCKET sales for major prices and big expenses.

The famous brand Bathing Ape have a shoe called “Bapesta” which is a collaboration with Nike. The shoe is a Nike Air Force 1 with a signature BAPE star on it as their trademark. This shoe ranges within the price of $300-$600.

You can save yourself way more money by just buying a regular Air Force 1 that goes for the retail price of $90. That’s why ordinary clothes don’t equate to the cost of expensive clothes. Materialism exists Hi-Tides – is it worth it?