Apple Introduces Dark Mode on IOS 13

By : Isaac Hutchinson



OS 13 is here. Apple is bringing a very different sort of update to last year’s iOS 12, which was built around performance improvements and rethinking how much we use our phones. iOS 13 is big and flashy. It’s looking to wow users with a slick dark mode; striking updates to apps like Apple Maps, Photos, and even Reminders; and long-overdue additions like a swiping keyboard and UI improvements.

The changes are largely on the iterative or cosmetic side, though. At this point, iOS feels like it’s started to crystalize. For better or worse, what we have now is Apple’s vision of what a smartphone OS should be. (That’s even truer now that the iPad has been forked off into its own iPadOS, meaning that future iOS versions should be even more tailored to iPhones.)

This vision is clearly seen in the fact that so much of iOS 13 is spent improving Apple’s own apps and services to the point where they’re back at the standard that other third-party ones set long ago, like codifying dark mode on a system-wide level instead of letting apps fend for themselves; “Sherlocking” basic photo editors, reminders apps, and cycle trackers all in a single update; and even its latest attempt to challenge Google Maps for navigation. Apple is improving its apps because, to use iOS 13 to the fullest, you have to use them.