KFC Vegan Nuggets

By : Jesse Schechtel



Finally, the response to the “Vegan Problem”!! The solution is KFC. KFC just rolled out a product that is, in a way, Beyond Fried Chicken, a plant-based fried “poultry” made in partnership with fake-meat startup Beyond Meat. Unfortunately, on Friday, its available only in one store;(Smyrna, Ga., northwest of Atlanta). This “Beyond Chicken” will take form of nuggets or boneless wings. The “Chain” decides whether or not to broaden the test or to release Beyond Fried Chicken nationwide. The chicken will be available in different meal combos with 6-12 nuggets with the availability of 5 different sauces. Quick-service chains like Burger King, McDonalds, and White Castle have embraced plant-based meat. Too bad KFC  was the smarter and eventually partnered with Beyond Meat. This partnership marks the first time a national fast-food chain has introduced plant-based chicken in the U.S. There are allegations that these fast food chains aren’t using real meat in there food, but lab-made meat to mimic the real meat they “claim” to be serving. Since people are sometimes ignorant, as long as the chicken is seasoned, dredged, and deep fried until it looks gold and crispy who cares? While Chick-Fil-a, Wendy’s, and Popeyes argue” Who has the best chicken?” KFC has come on top on the pedestal with the achievement they decided to use against all fast food chains ,and restaurants.