What's Up With School Lunch?

By : Salomon Utrera



Lunchtime is meant to recharge the body for the rest of the day ahead. A time to sit down, relax, and eat some food. Some people bring their own food or if they didn’t have the chance to bring lunch or simply afford it they may receive a school lunch. But, that’s where the problems begin. What was supposed to be a tasty meal becomes forced nutrition (eating unappetizing food due to lack of a better option). Lasagna, pasta, nacho bites, undercooked cheese-sticks, plain burgers, fish nuggets, and quesadillas are some of the unsatisfactory food options. A variety of food, but not of good quality. One student recalls picking out milk and upon opening the carton and pouring the milk, he notices that it’s slim-ish like it was spoiled. A simple carton of good milk shouldn’t be a problem. Students have complained of dry, unsavory potatoes, undercooked food, and receiving unwanted food. Although it is a sad fact, many students discard the vegetables forced onto their plates. Not only is it a waste of school food, it is a waste of school money, money that could be put to better use other than filling up the garbage cans. 


But, it’s not all bad news, there are some good servings people actually enjoy. Food like pork, orange chicken, salad, and Jamaican patties are some of the favorites. Options like these, unlike those that are usually served, don’t usually end up in the trash, which would save the school a lot of money. And if the students enjoy the food and it doesn’t all end up in the trash then wouldn’t that the logical solution be to serve more options like these to be served?