By : Ludmila Soleimani



Hello Hi Tides! Have you heard about the new magnetic eyelashes? These are very simple to put on... want to know how? It’s very simple!

1. First open your eye and place the bottom lash underneath the top lash.


2. Then, push the bottom lash into place, as close to the lash line as possible, and close your eye shut.


3. After that, place the upper lash on top of your natural lash, and it will connect to the bottom lash magnetic in place and Voila! You already have beautiful natural looking eyelashes.


These beautiful eyelashes have a value between twenty to thirty dollars for the collection! Although the complete collection at Sephora, has a value between fifty and almost sixty dollars. You may be wondering, is it worth to pay so much money for a simple collection of eyelashes? The answer depends on you. In my opinion I would pay for them since when buying the fake regular ones, which are worth fourteen dollars and are more complicated to apply. They do not paste very well and it takes a long time to put them, on. I personally prefer to make a purchase that is worth the money.