By : Michael Elliot



Hey Hi-Tides, have you ever noticed that maybe you're Instagram or Facebook has been hacked or broken into? Well you're not the only one, online and social media sites get broken into almost every day and with this large growing problem, it’s becoming harder to fix. 22% percent of people reported their social media pages being hacked once and fourteen percent of people reported their social media pages being hacked more than once. Over 50 million people have had personal information exposed. Do you know how vulnerable you are to online hacking? The chances of being hacked on a social media have grown exponentially in the past few years to almost two thirds of the population. This has occurred because of new hacks constantly being developed. This makes it harder for these social media companies to block out these unwarranted users and keeps the social media companies on the edge of their seats. So the big question is, how can we stop our personal information from being released for the world to see?


Well there are a couple of easy steps, the most effective and best things you can do is change your social media user name’s and passwords to something more difficult and less generic. Another step you can take is to be selective about third party applications and don't believe everything you see. These are the two most useful ways that you can prevent you’re social media from being hacked. Remember Hi Tides social media can be a dangerous platform and make sure to take all precautions when using it….