By : Roger Mayorga



The king of crimes is here!! The Joker movie finally arrived and is one of the BEST DC movies, Warner. Bros has directed(in my opinion). The film includes many dark/thrilling/entertaining scenes for the viewer. Even though the Rotten Tomato meter is 69%, the rating on how many people liked the movie is 95% and I am one of those people. I firmly disagree that the movie is 69% I would rate it at least 85%(again, in my opinion). The basic summary of the movie (Warning Spoilers) is that Arthur Fleek (Joaquin Phoenix) is forever alone or feels forever alone in the city of Gotham being a failed comedian. Arthur Fleek aka The Joker wears “2 masks” one during the day where he wears face paint for his clown job, and another where he tries to do a “project” where he is trying to feel like people matter to him in the world around him. This is where he becomes the joker and starts “influencing” many people around him by wearing clown masks. It took about $55 million to make this movie, and I'm pretty sure it will make way much more than what they spent. So overall the movie has a really great storyline and I for sure recommend it 10/10 especially if you're a huge DC fan.