By : Katia Camargo



Hi, Hi-Tides! This week we’re focusing the spotlight on a very important program at Beach High, HIP is practiced wide beyond our county’s school bounds. Standing for Health Information Project, the program’s goal is to revolutionize health education by transforming high school students into teachers themselves. HIP is disrupting the traditional health class with a new, innovative peer-to-peer model. It leaves the leadership of the club up to the students. HIP’s main purpose is to train high school juniors and seniors to teach health education to their freshmen peers. Students will lead Peer-Led classroom discussion sessions on topics focusing on critical health issues such as suicide, anxiety, abuse and depression. They recently just began their training day on Tuesday, October 8th. Member of H.I.P Cattalina Lee quoted,

“When we meet we practice reading, during our workshops we mainly focus on connecting with students effortlessly, in the sense that we have to fluidly present our topic. The whole point of H.I.P is for students to teach other students important information about bullying, STDs, healthy and unhealthy relationships (with friends/family/partners) etc. We learn how to teach the modules provided by the program. The program currently is present in every public school in Miami."

The club is sponsored by Mr. Boldon the Creative Writing teacher. He quotes


“H.I.P is the health info project that replaces what the health classes used to do in Dadeschools, they were removed from the budget so the students took over and it 
empowered the students to teach the freshmen very relevant information about mental and physical health and well being.”