Braddock Game

By : Eugene Francois



It is Miami Beach football season time Hi Tides!

This year we have a new division and a new team so the fight for the postseason begins! All this fighting is to get the well elusive state champions trophy, banner, recognition and mutual respect from every high school football fan and schools in Florida.


The season kicked off with  Week 1 - Beach football vs Dr. Krop football at Memorial football field at Flamingo Park in Miami Beach.  The outcome of this game was at a bad start to a very hopefull season. Dr. Krop vs Beach ended with a 44-0 win for Dr. Krop football. This game displayed unpreparedness and game-planning for the Beach football team. This game showed the offense could not move the ball effectively in the run game and pass game. This game also showed the defense not being able to slow down Dr. Krop and really enforce their will on Dr. Krop offense and force turnovers and win at the line of scrimmage. This game showed a lot of problems for this team including a huge one lost of confidence!  Last week was a bye week and let's hope that things get cleaned up and things start to go in the right direction and the hope for the season is not lost when they play September 6 vs. South Miami for their second game of the season.

Time is ticking and the clock is counting down on the window  for the postseason chances of Miami  Beach Football. Its been too long since Beach Football has been in the postseason. Will this new team break the long streak of losing and humiliation?