Our Football Team

By : Eugene Francois



Hello Hi-Tides! Last week on 9/27/19 our Hi-Tide football team had a game vs Mater Academy Charter High school at Memorial field. This game resulted in a win for us 26-16. This game was our first win of the season and puts us at a 1-4 record. No this is not the ideal record for our team but it is a start for us in the right direction. This game showed a lot for this team in a positive way which is what we want to see!  Our offense was executing plays the way they should and was able to move the ball very well. Defensively we were shutting down the offense, taking the ball away and really enforcing our team’s will on Mater’s offense. I do feel our team didn't really make the necessary corrections that were badly needed the first four games and we got a break this week due to the level of competition our team played bailed us out. I am not saying they didn't get the win, but the level of competition isn't the highest of the games that they played or will play this season. Our team is now hopeful and let us hope they can build off this win. There are 5 games left in this season and hopefully, they can at least get 4 wins and make a serious push for the playoffs. Keep your hopes up Hi-Tides and keep cheering for your football team!