Braddock Game

By : Eugene Francois

 Hello Hi-Tides! Last week your Beach High football team played a game vs Braddock high school at Braddock’s football field. This game sadly ended with a 42-0 blowout of our football team. Now our team's record has fallen to  0-4 of the season. This game, again, displayed a lot of the same things that happened in the last 3 games. So this game leaves us to ponder a lot about our football program. Those questions are “When is our offense going to score a touchdown or field goal?” Additional questions  are ”When is the necessary corrections will be made for the same problems that plagued us all first four games? Last but certainly not least is “When is our team going to win a game!” This game displayed zero offense and a defense that is doing something but can't do it all without offense help. Remember this is a team sport and you need help from everybody to be successful. This team needs to change it up for next week's game against Mater Academy Charter and hopefully, we can win a couple of games down the stretch and maybe, just maybe, sneak into the playoffs and let Florida see what this Hi-Tide Football program is all about! Keep your hopes up High-Tides and be on the watch for this Hi-Tide Football program season!