Superbowl Experience

By : Eugene Francois



Hey Hi Tides ! As you all must  know the super bowl was in town!  What a wonderful game we experienced between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers! With that in mind there were other perks in having the super bowl in town ! One of those perks;  the super bowl experience that occurred between January 25 to February 1 in the Miami Beach Convention Center! That was really close to home for some of you Hi Tides; here at Beach High! For those who don’t know what the super bowl experience is - it’s a giant pre super bowl event that  brings fans from all over the world to enjoy the experience of the NFL! The NFL EXPERIENCE includes events from the NFL draft , autographs from athletes , pics with the real trophy and more. . All of these events are for all ages and lovers or non lovers of football to enjoy; trust me. I myself experienced this “once in a lifetime”  experience and boy was it worth the time and money for it! Just walking around enjoying the food and the events one was  literally able to meet any NFL athlete just causally strolling around ! How cool is that? That event was amazing and for those who didn’t get to enjoy it that’s cool.The next super bowl is in Tampa so they will have another one next year for those who can make the trip up there !