History of The Gingerbread Man

By : Jesse Schechtel



Gingerbread has been available for many centuries. The recipes and methods used to make it have changed over the years. Originally, gingerbread was manufactured from ginger, breadcrumbs, and a sweetener like honey. People came to know that ginger has preservatives and healthy attributes. The recipe for gingerbread amended, and by the 1400s or 15th century, flour had surpassed what was used earlier; breadcrumbs. During that time, molasses also replaced honey. The biscuit became significantly lighter over time. Certain recipes created thin, sweet crisps of ginger and others were thicker, crunchier and more cookie-like. Old documents dictate descriptive fables that were carved into wood and the gingerbread was pressed and rolled into them to create the form. First, it was made into people like figures. However, Queen Elizabeth I of England was credited with making the first ever gingerbread men. After the queen, we started getting creative and we started making gingerbread houses, and families. Hi tides have you tried gingerbread men?